Connect, Target and Activate The Buyer Experience… In Less Than 60 Days

The ask is ambitious, and the stakes are high. Your revenue teams are being tasked with providing a frictionless, personalized end-to-end buyer experience. But the mission won’t be accomplished without considering one simple fact: Your data will make or break your success.

At Dun & Bradstreet data, analytics and the insights drawn from them is their core business. So, when it pulls the curtain on how it helped a leading software company build a successful data-driven marketing strategy – in less than 60 days, it’s worth paying attention. You’ll also be among the first to hear the results of a recent survey to 600 sales, marketing, data and RevOps decision makers about the role data is playing in the D&B go-to-market strategy.

Join us to:

Understand how data will play an increasing role in the post-pandemic economy;
Learn how a software company transformed their data journey at speed and scale;
and Discover new insights on the tactics necessary to inform your data-driven marketing strategy.